Gifting options are always overwhelming, especially with corporate or office gifting, no gift defines the phrase 'one size fits all!'


However, plants can be an ultimate gifting choice when it comes to bulk orders and covers everyone from employees to clients.


The recent gifting trends showcase how plants are gaining popularity as corporate gifts for the following reasons:


  • They purify the space around them
  • Watching greens provide a source of relaxation
  • Elevate the decor of any space


These are just a few benefits of plants. Experts at Ratanshi Agro-Hortitech, a leading plant nursery in Byculla, feature some top choices for plant gifting and categorize them for easy decision-making.


The following plant gifting guide categorizes plants into three categories:


  1.  Auspicious/ Well wishes

Some plant lovers prefer bamboo plants or other auspicious plants for their desks. These require minimal maintenance and also convey well wishes.


  • The bamboo symbolizes wealth, happiness, and health. It is a way of conveying well-wishes to your employees and clients. Bamboo plant as a gift comes with good fortune, hence, bamboo plants can be a perfect gift of prosperity.


  • Money plants are another great meaningful gifting choice. It is known to attract prosperity and good wealth and is a top gifting choice per Feng Shui. It is one of the best things to look at with those long coils of leaves and think of you. 


  1. Minimal maintenance


Minimum maintenance pants are perfect gifts for all working professionals who love plants but cannot make time for gardening. Since these plants sustain on their own, they require very little care. Here are a few examples:

  • Spider Plant: Spider plant grows in different directions and is very easy to handle and care for. These plants easily adapt to new atmospheres. 
  • Schefflera: These plants offer a tropical look to your surroundings and fit in small spaces.
  • Spider Lilly: These plants are like white flowers and long stalks and are commonly seen in offices.
  • Song of India: This plant is perfect for beginners and requires minimal care and maintenance hassle.


You can even go for the succulent plant as these don’t take much to water as they are water-absorbent and hence very easy to care for and maintain. Other options are Nerium Oleander, the dragon plant, and the most popular Chinese Evergreen. All these form a very pretty on a table or a home window and can be one of the best Diwali plant gifts


  1. Purposeful gifting


Plants with medicinal benefits are another popular gifting choice. They offer greenery and indicate an afterthought that you care for your employee's health and well-being. Some popular choices involve:


  • The mint plant has a sweet scent. These tiny green shrubs look great on window sills. These plant leaves can be used in food prep and provide a fresh source of herbs.


  • Aloe vera is another great pocket-friendly gifting choice with multiple medicinal properties. Its pulp offers excellent skin benefits like treating sunburns and skin softening and hydration. The plant also has a high growth rate, offering a year-long supply.


Opt for all three


Employers can also combine all three plant categories to make a meaningful gift suitable for both homes and offices and come with a set of benefits.


It is always wise to connect with a reputed plant nursery online like Ratanshi Agro-Hortitech before you buy plants online in Mumbai if you are unsure about the plant requirements or have concerns about plant gifting.


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Plant gifting could be so much fun and exciting. However, it is important to source plants from a reputed wholesale plant nursery in Mumbai to get the best deal and high-quality plants.


Practice a green thumb initiative this Diwali by swapping plants for gifts to all employees and clients and enjoy a safe and happy Diwali. 


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